I am here to help those who are seeking DEEP change to access their true power utilizing transformational therapy within the Self Mastery Program. Life is filled with duality, light and dark, at times we experience a lack of flow and when we do, we forget what our potential is, we feel we have no control over our lives and emotions and ultimately are left feeling stuck, stagnant and lacking clarity. I am here to offer you a 4-week inner journey into accessing your true power. During our time together you will receive insight into what your inner resources are and how to access and use them productively. We will highlight your growth area(s) bringing about understanding and awareness. You will successfully bring light to your sub-conscious mind creating mindfulness in your everyday experiences. It is my mission during the Self Mastery Program that you feel seen, heard, understood and completely empowered. ESSENTIALLY ACCESSING YOUR POTENTIAL.


We begin by shedding light on your core issue(s). This involves an intuitive and assessment-based process where I gain a general understanding of your blueprint. The assessment phase will include a LifePrint analysis and Meyer-Briggs personality assessment. We then begin chunking down and fleshing out your core issue(s). Establishing your personal: mood, mantra and movement.


During our second session together, the focus is all about healing. Now that we have established your core issue(s) and the direction you would like to move in, we begin exploring your subconscious mind, bringing forgiveness and therapeutic nurturance to these wounds. During this process we utilize a variety of therapeutic healing techniques.


The third step is where the ‘A-HA’ moment takes place. Here you begin to cultivate deep understanding and awareness. Objectivity replaces subjectivity and you begin to understand the bigger picture, taking the lessons you have learned from your core issue(s) and a profound knowing of how you want your life to be.


Now being so empowered from the core of your being with your inner resources you are ready to take on the responsibility of manifesting all you have learnt into existence. During this session we work on techniques you can take home for you to access your potential on a daily basis. Our focus here is forwards, on wards and upwards.


1 X Your own personal LifePrint analysis which highlights your personal core driving needs, your spheres of consciousness, active and re-active flows of potential, your archetypal blueprint and a monthly guideline of how to access your potential for the year.

4 X 1.5 hour long one on one sessions of which consist of either a coaching; hypnotherapy; BodyTalk; reiki or psycho-therapeutic session. During these sessions various holistic, neuro-scientific, behavioural and therapeutic techniques are utilised.

4 X Guided meditation recordings

1 X Daily routine guide to help you maintain the potential you accessed through the Self Mastery Program. This routine includes body, mind and spirit guidelines. Working with the body we focus on nutrition, physical health and energetic healing. Working with the mind we focus on sub-conscious understanding and healing, semantics, behavioural techniques and energetic healing. Working with spirit we focus on breathing, meditation and visualisations.

1 X nutritional guideline to ensure your physical body is in alignment and balanced

1 X access to the closed Self Mastery Facebook group where you will be able to access multiple articles and self-help techniques (valid for 1 year).

Email exchanges during the entire 4-week program, if you have any questions outside of sessions you are able to contact me directly during working hours.




This program is tailored made for your individual needs. We work together to access your personal goals and potential


Here we discover the relationships core issue(s) and work towards attaining goals that are reaching the relationships ultimate potential.


A focus on career guidance and development this program is designed to address core issue(s) relating to career path and works towards accessing the individual’s personal goals and potential. (Please note this program includes career-based assessments)


Here we discover the businesses core issue(s) and work towards attaining goals that are reaching the synergies ultimate potential.


My goal as a wellness practitioner is to provide you with the best, most effective and efficient way of healing and accessing your ultimate potential. The Self Mastery Program has been tailor made to include a refined and holistic method of self-awareness and empowerment. However, if you would prefer to do scattered sessions, I have three session bundle options available for you. These sessions are 1 hour long and will include either: Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Reiki, Tarot, BodyTalk or LifePrint Analysis.


Bundle includes:
Four sessions


Bundle includes:
Eight sessions


Bundle includes:
Twelve sessions


Please note that once off sessions are for emergencies only at a cost of $180. In case of emergencies, sessions can be conducted on weekends

To book a session contact us on: or +27 82 771 3578
Please note cancelling a session requires at least 24hrs notice, otherwise full payment will be billed for.
Regretably sessions are not claimable through medical aid.

To book a session contact us on:
or +27 82 771 3578
Please note cancelling a session requires at least 24hrs notice, otherwise full payment
will be billed for.
Regretably sessions are not claimable through medical aid.